First Featured Shoot


My very fist blog post! It has been a big week over here with launching my website and accompanying blog. Of course my youngest would get a cold this same week but we are surviving with a small goodie bag of Valentine’s candy, help from family, and lots of cuddles between edits. My oldest has even been helpful with the work. He has offered thoughts on what my weekly posts should be about. Luckily for all of you I will stick to weekly showcases of pictures, rather than discussing football and Star Wars. You are welcome!

 I did find it fitting that my first blog feature an engagement shoot since it is Valentine’s week and all. Megan and Mark are getting married this fall in Dallas and it seemed natural that we snap their engagement pictures in Deep Ellum (an artsy, eclectic, urban neighborhood near downtown). We met on what was probably the warmest Saturday in February and meandered down the streets to graffiti painted walls, old bars, and urban architecture.  We even found a bar with a record collection in the back. So cool y’all. Check out a few of my favorite images below.